• Sandy Tsindos

Dance - Brain Food

Those of you who like to get your groove on on the Zumba dance floor, will probably be surprised to find out that you are doing yourself a world of good. Dancing is more than just an enjoyable activity to experience; dancing has the amazing ability to improve the way your brain functions.

  • It enhances neuroplasticity

  • Dancing frequently – 76% reduced risk of dementia

  • It makes you more intelligent

  • It improves your muscle memory

  • It slows down aging and boosts memory

  • It help prevent dizziness!


Dance can be a great way to maintain and improve many of your brain functions. Dance can increase your neural connectivity because it integrates several brain functions at once; rational, musical, kinesthetic, and emotional. This increased neural connectivity can be of great benefit to your brain as it ages.

So, dance now and dance often!

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